Join a Singing Group That Stretches Across the Region

Southern A'Chord comes together every week to learn and to share the joy of making great music using nothing but our voices. As a member of the chorus, you’ll learn more about your voice and how it works and develop your performing skills. We provide opportunities for education through large and small group learning and individual feedback. You’ll also have opportunities to perform at area events and participate in other chorus-related activities.

Southern A'Chord is a vibrant community of singers of all ages. We work hard, but we have a great time doing it. Why not try us out?

Is Previous Experience Necessary?

Previous experience is not essential to become a member of Southern A'Chord, although it's often helpful. Many of our members have had no formal singing experience prior to joining. Skills required of new members are the ability to sing in tune and to hold their part in the chorus. We provide training in breathing, vocal and visual performance skills, and more. All Southern A'Chord members strive for continuous improvement.

Voice Parts

Our songs are based around singing four-part chords, so there are four voice parts in a chorus. The parts are: lead, the part that sings the melody; bass, for deeper voices, which provide a solid foundation; baritone, a harmony part, singing in almost the same range as the lead, but just a little lower (think "alto with a twist"); and tenor, for higher voices, adding the top harmony notes, like icing on a cake.


Sheet music is provided as each new song is learned. Members are not required to read music, as learning tracks are also provided.

Age Requirements

Southern A'Chord currently has members ranging in age from their 20s to 80-plus. We have no maximum age limit.

The chorus accepts members under 18 years of age; however, youth members must demonstrate that they are able to act with maturity. A minor chorus member must have a parent or responsible adult to accompany her at all chorus rehearsals, at performances, and on chorus trips.

Becoming a Member of Southern A'Chord

On your first night, a member of the Music Staff will sing with you and help decide which part is best for you and also provide some initial feedback.Attendance at three rehearsals is required for membership eligibility, with a maximum of six before you audition. Additional information about the chorus will be provided during this time. The audition is very straightforward and user-friendly and doesn't have to be perfect; what we're looking for is potential.

So … think about it … and come join us!